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    Canada has more lakes than the rest of the world combined.
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    There are more than 150 million sheep in Australia, and only some 20 million people.
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    In France, there's a place called Y.
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    China is the source of 70% of the worlds pirated goods.
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    The University of Alaska stretches over 4 time zones.

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    In North Korea, you are forced to choose one of 28 government-approved haircuts.
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    Japan has a network of roads that play music as you drive over them at the correct speed.
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    In Finland, you are given a top hat and a sword when you get a PhD diploma.
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    Rio de Janeiro was once capital of Portugal, making it the only European capital outside of Europe.
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    In Japan, it is tradition for husbands to get a monthly allowance from their wives.
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    In Cuba, hitchhiking is encouraged and government vehicles are legally required to pick up hitchhikers.
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    North Korea holds elections every 5 years - and there's only 1 name on the ballot.
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    North Korea uses a fax machine to send threats to South Korea.
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    On October 28, 2013, wind power provided 100% of Denmark's power. At 2:00am, it was producing 122% of the country's energy needs.
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    Taiwan is the first country in the world to offer free Wi-Fi connectivity to its citizens and all its foreign tourists.
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    In Tunisia, you can book an overnight stay in Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home for only $10.
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    The United Arab Emirates donated a laptop to every high school student in Joplin, Missouri, after the city had been devastated by a tornado.
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    A 2012 study in eastern Germany was unable to find a single person under the age of 28 who believed in God.
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    According to a 2011 poll, 32% of Russians believe that the Sun orbits Earth.
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    There is a town in Norway called Hell, and it freezes over almost every winter.
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    More books are written, published and sold per person per year in Iceland than anywhere else on the planet. One in ten Icelanders will become a published author in their lifetime.
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    Most Japanese schools don't have janitors. Instead, children do the daily cleaning as part of Buddhist traditions that associate cleaning with morality.
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    In Iceland, 100% of domestically produced electricity comes from renewable energy.
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    There is a city in New Mexico called Truth or Consequences.
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    Roughly 90% of the world's population live in the northern hemisphere.
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    The flag of the Philippines is flown with the red stripe up in times of war and blue stripe up in times of peace.
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    License plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears.
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    Iceland has no army and is also recognized as the world’s most peaceful country.
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    In the U.S. the typical school year is 180 days long. In China, the typical school year is 251 days.
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    Singapore has the world’s highest percentage of millionaires, with one out of every six households having at least $1,000,000 US dollars in disposable wealth.
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    Seven U.S. states are named after sovereigns - four kings and three queens.
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    There are six times as many people of Irish descent living in America than in Ireland.
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    Japan has the most vending machines in the world (5.52 million) which is more than the population of New Zealand.
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    In China, teachers allow children to sleep in class for around 20 minutes to help improve their learning.
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    Water, electricity, and gas has been free in Turkmenistan since 1991.
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    There's a small town called Dinosaur, Colorado (USA). Some of its street names include Brontosaurus Blvd, Brontosaurus Bypass, Stegosaurus Freeway, and Tyrannosaurus Trail.
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    Mackinac Island, Michigan, has banned cars since 1898!
  • 33
    The U.S. has 115,000 janitors, 83,000 bartenders, 323,000 restaurant servers, and 80,000 heavy-duty truck drivers with bachelor’s degrees.
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    There is a county in California called Yolo.
  • 35
    There's a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It has no safety measures and is called the 'Swing at the End of the World'.
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    Sweden is so good at recycling, it has run out of garbage and now must import garbage from Norway to fuel its energy programs.
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    In Russia, Women outnumber Men by about 11 Million.
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    In France, by law a bakery has to make all the bread it sells from scratch in order to have the right to be called a bakery.
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    In 1948, Costa Rica abolished its military and spends the money on education and culture instead.
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    In 2011 Russia acknowledged beer as an alcoholic beverage. Before then, any drink under 10% volume was considered a soft drink.

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