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  • 1
    There are 10 towns named Hollywood in the United States!
  • 2
    Water, electricity, and gas has been free in Turkmenistan since 1991.
  • 3
    There are more female than male millionaires in the United States.
  • 4
    According to a 2011 poll, 32% of Russians believe that the Sun orbits Earth.
  • 5
    One percent of Greenland's population lives in a single apartment building!
  • 6
    If China imported just 10% of it's rice needs- the price on the world market would increase by 80%.
  • 7
    Jacksonville, Florida, has the largest total area of any city in the United States.
  • 8
    Sweden is so good at recycling, it has run out of garbage and now must import garbage from Norway to fuel its energy programs.
  • 9
    The United States Postal Service handles over forty percent of the world's mail volume.
  • 10
    The longest place name in Europe is llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantsiliogogogoch in Wales.
  • 11
    In the US, there's quite a few cities called Gaylord.
  • 12
    North Korea uses a fax machine to send threats to South Korea.
  • 13
    Manhattan Island of New York City was purchased for $24 from the Algonquian Indians in 1624!
  • 14
    Antarctica is the only land on our planet that is not owned by any country.
  • 15
    The Statue of Liberty has US women's shoe size 879.

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