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In 2005, in Africa, it was reported that three lions rescued a 12-year-old girl from kidnappers and guarded her for half a day until help came.
In the Bemba tribe of southern Africa, if someone does something hurtful, they take the person to the center of the town where the entire tribe comes and surrounds them. For two days they tell him every good thing he has ever done, because they believe that every person comes into the world as good.
More people in Africa speak French than in France itself.
An African Baobab tree in South Africa, known as Big Baobab, has a circumference of 154 feet and even has a bar inside the trunk that can fit 60 people.
The ancestor of all domestic cats is the African Wild Cat which still exists today.
Sandy, an African Penguin, has been in 'love' with her keeper at the Nuremburg zoo since 1996.
The largest earthworm on record was found in South Africa and measured 22 feet.
The Sahara desert expands at about 1km per month.
More than 30 African nations have more cell phones than land lines.
Niger (Africa) has the world's highest fertility rate - 7.1 children per mother.
The percentage of Africa that is wilderness: 28%. The percentage of North America that is wilderness: 38%.