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    When you get blackout drunk, you don't actually forget anything; your brain wasn't "recording" in the first place.
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    In the 1950s, the US government placed beer next to an atomic bomb blast to determine if it was still drinkable. The result: in the event of a nuclear war, beer is safe to drink!
  • 3
    Black Friday in the UK is the Friday before Christmas. Instead of shopping, many people get very drunk!
  • 4
    The world record for alcohol consumption is by Andre the Giant, who drank 156 beers in one sitting (over 73 liters/16 gallons).
  • 5
    Drinking banana milkshake is a perfect cure for hangover.
  • 6
    Applying vodka to your face helps tighten your pores and can reduce the risk of acne breakouts.
  • 7
    In 1943, a Pan Am Airline chef snuck whiskey into passengers' coffee to warm them up on a winter flight. When asked what kind of coffee they were being served, he improvised "Irish Coffee," creating the now-famous cocktail.
  • 8
    Al Capone earned $105m per year from alcohol and rackets during the Prohibition era. Today, this would be equivalent to $1.4b per year.
  • 9
    There's a new vaccine for alcoholism that gives drinkers an immediate and harsh hangover, even if they drink a small amount of booze.
  • 10
    Scientists have developed a 'hangover-free' beer that has electrolytes, making it more hydrating and refreshing.
  • 11
    As part of an advertising campaign, Molson, a Canadian beer company, strategically placed 'beer fridges' around Europe that only Canadian passports could unlock.
  • 12
    If an ant is drunk, a fellow comrade will carry him back to the nest to sleep off the alcohol.
  • 13
    Milkshakes were originally alcoholic.
  • 14
    After Germany surrendered in WW2, people in Moscow partied until the entire city actually ran out of vodka.
  • 15
    Scientist Niels Bohr was “given a house next door to the Carlsberg brewing company, and had a pipeline running from the brewery into the house so that he could have a never-ending supply of fresh beer on tap”.
  • 16
    In 2011 Russia acknowledged beer as an alcoholic beverage. Before then, any drink under 10% volume was considered a soft drink.
  • 17
    In outer space there exists a gigantic cloud of alcohol which can be used to produce 400 trillion trillion pints of beer.
  • 18
    Tabasco sauce is aged in barrels previously used for Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey.
  • 19
    People with light eye colors (like blue, green or grey) have a higher alcohol tolerance.
  • 20
    Staying awake for 17 hours is the same for your body as drinking 2 glasses of wine.
  • 21
    In Scotland it is illegal to be a drunk in possession of a cow.
  • 22
    The purpose of the indentation at the bottom of a wine bottle is to strengthen the structure of the bottle.
  • 23
    White wine gets darker as it ages while red wine gets lighter.
  • 24
    One or two alcohol drinks a day can be anti-inflammatory.
  • 25
    Gin is a mild diuretic which helps the body get rid of excessive fluid. Thus, it can reduce problems such as menstrual bloating.
  • 26
    Orange juice naturally contains a small amount of alcohol.
  • 27
    Anyone under the age of 21 who takes out household trash containing even a single empty alcohol beverage container can be charged with illegal possession of alcohol in Missouri.
  • 28
    All 13 minerals necessary for human life can be found in alcohol beverages.
  • 29
    Men are twice as likely to be binge drinkers than women.
  • 30
    Even a small amount of alcohol placed on a scorpion will make it go crazy and sting itself to death.
  • 31
    The world's oldest known recipe is for beer.
  • 32
    Absinthe is a high volume alcoholic drink (up to 89.9% in the UK) which contains a hallucinogenic ingredient called Wormwood and is banned in the United States.
  • 33
    It's illegal to drink beer out of a bucket while you're sitting on a curb in St. Louis!
  • 34
    When George W. Bush was 30 years old, he was arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol.