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    The largest hotel suite in the world is located 22 stories under the surface in the Grand Canyon Caverns. One night for two people in this 65 million year old cave is $700.
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    There’s an internet-enabled jacket which gives you a “hug” every time a Facebook friend likes your status.
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    Elephants are among the most emotional creatures in the world - they have even been known to rescue other animals, such as trapped dogs.
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    There’s a Swedish power metal band called “Sabaton” who teach history through their music, including an album devoted to teaching about World War Two.
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    There is a bed called the Cuddle Mattress, where it is divided into layers of foam for your arm to slip though.
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    India's richest person, Mukesh Ambani, built a $1 billion home. It has 27 habitable floors, including six parking floors with a capacity to hold up to 168 cars. 600 staff maintain the home.
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    Some farmers in Kenya are using elephants' natural fear of bees and building "beehive fences" that keep wild elephants from trampling the crops. It keeps the farms safe, and prevents farmers from having to kill elephants to defend their livelihood!
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    In 2002, Kenyan Maasai tribespeople donated 14 cows to the US to help with the aftermath of 9/11.
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    Shakira has been making music for more than 23 years, can play the guitar, drums, percussion, and harmonica, speaks 7 different languages, is the founder of a charity called Pies Descalzos, and is a goodwill ambassador for UNICEF.
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    There is a sea snail that wears a suit of iron plated armor. It is the only known animal to use iron sulphide as skeletal material.
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    In 1987, an 18 year old freshmen named Mike Hayes funded his education by asking 2.8 million people for one penny.
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    In 2012, redditor laporkenstein forged his own wedding ring out of a Gibeon meteorite.
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    Let's Pizza is the world's first pizza vending machine. Just select your topping, insert coins, and watch your pizza bake!
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    Ecosia is a search engine that helps to save the environment by donating 80% of its income to planting trees in Brazil.
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    If you place a ripe banana next to a green tomato, the tomato will ripen due to the ethylene gas produced by the banana.
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    An Indian man named Jadav Payeng started planting trees on a barren sandbar at 17. He is now 47 and lives in his own 1360 acre forest which now houses rhinos, tigers, deer, apes and elephants.
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    Despite being the 7th richest man in the world, Ingvar Kamprad (founder of IKEA) lives in a small home, eats at IKEA, and uses the bus.
  • 19
    In Mexico, artists can pay their taxes using artwork that they create.
  • 20
    There is a superhero supply store in Brooklyn with a cape fitting room that has a wind tunnel. They also sell oxygen gum, bottled chaos and have an invisibility testing center.
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    The Google driverless car has only encountered two accidents. The first it was rear ended at a stop sign, and the second was when a human was behind the wheel.
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    Paul Walker was in a jewellery store one day when he noticed a young U.S. military veteran with his fiancée shopping for a wedding ring. Paul went to the manager and said “Put that girl’s ring on my tab.”
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    A Robo Fish created by researchers at NYU-Poly was left to interact with normal fish. It was accepted by them and soon guided them as a leader.
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    In Montreal, there's a bus stop with swings that play musical notes when you swing on them.
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    Keanu Reeves gave $75 million of his matrix sequels paycheck to the film’s SFX team and bought the entire stunt crew Harley Davidson motorcycles.
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    Caucasian Mountain Dog (aka Russian Bear Dog) males reach over 200lb and have historically been used to hunt bears.
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    In 2006, the CEO of Whole Foods reduced his salary to $1 a year, donated his entire portfolio to charity, and set up a $100,000 fund for staff facing personal problems.
  • 28
    In 2013, the Netherlands scheduled 19 prisons to be closed due to a lack of criminals.
  • 29
    There's a cruise ship named "The World" where residents permanently live as it travels around the globe.
  • 30
    MIT has developed a camera that captures the speed of light at a trillion frames per second.
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    In 2012, a running partner took his runner girlfriend on a run that ended at the place where they first met. When he showed her his GPS tracker, the tracked route read "MARRY ME".
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    WWOOF is a international program that allows you to travel the world, with food/accommodations covered, in exchange for volunteer work.
  • 33
    Scientists are attempting to create a synthetic brain by reverse-engineering the mammalian brain down to the molecular level. A cellular human brain is predicted possible by 2023. It hopes to shed light on consciousness.
  • 34
    There is a “Fruit Salad Tree” which can grow up to 6 different types of fruit.
  • 35
    There are approximately three million shipwrecks on the ocean floor, worth billions in value and treasure.
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    Sony researchers have developed a refrigerator that only opens when you smile.
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    There's a company in China that allows you to hire someone to stand in line for you for $3-$5 an hour.
  • 38
    Japan has a network of roads that play music as you drive over them at the correct speed.
  • 39
    A man sued Bank of America for erroneously foreclosing on his home and won. When they didn’t pay the fees, he foreclosed their bank.
  • 40
    In Finland, you are given a top hat and a sword when you get a PhD diploma.
  • 41
    The world’s largest swimming pool can be found at the San Alfonso del Mar resort in Chile. The pool is 1,013 m (3,324 ft) long, has a maximum depth of 35 m, and even has sailing boats.
  • 42
    For his time as James Bond, Daniel Craig has the privilege of taking any Aston Martin from the factory for the rest of his life.
  • 43
    The first foreigner to become a samurai was an African slave.
  • 44
    The US national public health institute, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, has an actual “Zombie Plan” in place. It was started as a joke campaign, but actually evolved into real training and countermeasures because “if you’re well equipped to deal with a zombie apocalypse you will be prepared for a hurricane, pandemic, earthquake, or terrorist attack.”
  • 45
    In Ice Age, the drawings of characters during the end credit roll - and Sid's drawing of himself on a wall - were all done by the children of the animators.
  • 46
    Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis had an online multiplayer mode.
  • 47
    Before making Finding Nemo, the animation gurus at Pixar Studios had to take a graduate class in fish biology and oceanography.
  • 48
    ‘Fracture putty’ is a material being developed that when packed in & around a bone fracture, provides full load bearing strength within days.
  • 49
    A full-time cashier at Costco makes about $49,000 annually. The average wage at Costco is nearly 20 dollars an hour and 89% of Costco employees are eligible for benefits.
  • 50
    There is a prison in Brazil that allows inmates to pedal stationary bicycles, providing electricity in a nearby city - in exchange for reduced sentences.
  • 51
    In the Bemba tribe of southern Africa, if someone does something hurtful, they take the person to the center of the town where the entire tribe comes and surrounds them. For two days they tell him every good thing he has ever done, because they believe that every person comes into the world as good.
  • 52
    Some older/less efficient worker termites will develop 'backpacks' of toxic chemicals that explode when the termite is threatened. They are essentially used as suicide bombers when the colony is being attacked.
  • 53
    MDIF, a New York based non-profit organisation, is planning to beam free Wi-Fi to the entire world from space.
  • 54
    On October 28, 2013, wind power provided 100% of Denmark's power. At 2:00am, it was producing 122% of the country's energy needs.
  • 55
    When the 2013 government shutdown threatened the closing down of a national program giving medical attention and meals to children, John D. Arnold donated $10 million of his own money to keep it afloat.
  • 56
    Thomas Edison taught his second wife Morse code so they could communicate in secret by tapping into each other’s hands when her family was around.
  • 57
    There's a regenerative candle that creates a new candle as it melts.
  • 58
    There are coffee houses in Russia where food and drink are free, but you pay for time.
  • 59
    Brass doorknobs automatically disinfect themselves in about 8 hours.
  • 60
    In 2011, a couple bought a box of textbooks for $10. Inside, they found a 25-cent bill signed by the president of the Republic of Texas, Sam Houston, and subsequently sold it for $63,250.
  • 61
    Taiwan is the first country in the world to offer free Wi-Fi connectivity to its citizens and all its foreign tourists.
  • 62
    Cuban rescue workers use sniffer rabbits to find people in collapsed buildings.
  • 63
    In Tunisia, you can book an overnight stay in Luke Skywalker’s boyhood home for only $10.
  • 64
    Mico headphones read your brainwaves and select music based on your state of mind.
  • 65
    The United Arab Emirates donated a laptop to every high school student in Joplin, Missouri, after the city had been devastated by a tornado.
  • 66
    The Beatles wrote into their contracts for American concerts that they would not play in front of segregated audiences.
  • 67
    The Prince Charle Cinema in London has volunteer "ninjas" that hush obnoxious moviegoers.
  • 68
    Yu Youzhen, a Chinese millionaire, works as a street sweeper for the sanitation department to set an example for her children.
  • 69
    More books are written, published and sold per person per year in Iceland than anywhere else on the planet. One in ten Icelanders will become a published author in their lifetime.
  • 70
    A Swiss man replaced his car's broken heater with a fully functional wood burning stove.
  • 71
    There's a love mattress that is specifically designed for couples who sleep on each other's arms.
  • 72
    Seattle is planning to build a new city park filled with hundreds of edible plants - such as fruit trees, vegetables plants, herbs, etc… Free to “anyone and everyone.” If successful, it will be the first “food forest” of the nation.
  • 73
    There is a fake village with fake shops and restaurants that is actually a care home for elderly dementia sufferers in the Netherlands.
  • 74
    The Savannah is the largest domestic cat breed. It resembles a small leopard and behaves like a dog. They can grow up to 40 lbs, have an eight foot vertical jump, and can be trained to walk on a leash and play fetch.
  • 75
    Kid Rock took a pay cut that cost him around $50,000 to $100,000 per night during his tour, just to keep ticket prices at $20 and a 12 oz beer at $4.
  • 76
    Before clocks, there were candle clocks that, when burned, indicated the passage of periods of time. To set an alarm, you pushed a nail into the desired point and the nail would fall and clank on the metal holder.
  • 77
    After coming across a "very sweet" homeless man from Jamaica named Michael on a night out, Londoner Jenny Baker took to Twitter, and within hours, using the hashtag #getmichaelhome, had raised thousands of pounds so that he could return home to Jamaica where he said he would be "happy again".
  • 78
    In Dubai, there’s a fridge magnet that orders a pizza delivered to your door.
  • 79
    In Iceland, 100% of domestically produced electricity comes from renewable energy.
  • 80
    Tim’s Place, a restaurant in Albuquerque, serves breakfast, lunch and hugs and is owned by a man with Down’s Syndrome.
  • 81
    You can hear the blood flowing through your ears if you find a quiet place and cover them tightly.
  • 82
    An African Baobab tree in South Africa, known as Big Baobab, has a circumference of 154 feet and even has a bar inside the trunk that can fit 60 people.
  • 83
    There's a rare breed of pig that looks like a sheep.
  • 84
    Billions of neutrinos pass unnoticed through your body every second.
  • 85
    The hole in the soda can tab is actually used to hold a straw in place and stop it from rising.
  • 86
    Crows living in some urban areas drop nuts into traffic to let the passing cars crush them, then they wait for the red lights to stop the traffic so they can grab and eat it.
  • 87
    When he was 7, Vin Diesel and some friends broke into a New York theater with intentions to vandalize it. Instead of calling the police, the theater’s artistic director handed them scripts and offered them parts in the upcoming show. This became Diesel’s first acting role.
  • 88
    Sudbury Valley School allows students to do whatever they want; no curriculum, tests, homework, or even classes unless requested. 82% of students get accepted to college, as opposed to the 63% national public school average.
  • 89
    In 1989, a British company made a laptop with a graphical user interface, a 60 hour battery life, SSD storage, and a touchpad.
  • 90
    There's a road in Lancaster, CA that has grooves carved in such a way that when you drive over them at 55 MPH, they will play a part of Rossini's "The William Tell Overture."
  • 91
    A natural gas vent in Iraq known as The Eternal Fire has been burning continuously for over 4,000 years, and is mentioned by Herodotus, Plutarch, and in the Old Testament’s Book of Daniel.
  • 92
    Scientists in Germany have developed a candy that doesn't cause cavities.
  • 93
    There's a café in France which charges €7 for a coffee to rude customers and €1.40 to people who talk politely to staff.
  • 94
    Coffee comes from an edible fruit. The coffee cherry is sweet and tastes like watermelon, rosewater, and hibiscus all at once.
  • 95
    In 2012, Swedish artist Fredrik Saker created a super-detailed self portrait and successfully submitted it as his driver’s license picture.
  • 96
    In 1996, an Iraqi man named Sam Eisho moved to Australia and used the welfare system as income. Some years later, he became successful and wrote a cheque for more than $18,000 to the Australian Government (every cent they gave him).
  • 97
    Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan, the last man to walk on the Moon, wrote his daughter initials there. They’ll last at least 50,000 years.
  • 98
    The iconic roar made by Godzilla was produced by rubbing a leather glove across the strings of a double bass.
  • 99
    Galalith is a type of plastic that can be made from milk. It is odourless, insoluble in water, biodegradable, anti-allergenic, antistatic, and virtually non-flammable.
  • 100
    The rarest motorcycle in the world was found behind a brick wall in Chicago and has engine technologies well ahead of its time. The “Traub” is still running to this day.
  • 101
    Students at the John Hopkins University collaboratively decided to opt out of their final since the professor set his curve based on the highest score grading it as 100%. They chose to receive a score of zero, making it the highest grade and thereby getting 100%.
  • 102
    Christmas Island has bridges for crabs to stop them getting run over during the mass migration.
  • 103
    Each year, Canada Post receives a million letters addressed to "Santa Claus, The North Pole, H0H 0H0". They reply to every one.
  • 104
    Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.
  • 105
    In 1977, researchers detected a strong radio signal from space that lasted 72 seconds. It hasn't been detected since.
  • 106
    In Georgia, there is an airtight room called the Crypt of Civilization that was sealed in 1940. It contains numerous artefacts documenting what life was like at the time of sealing, and is scheduled to be opened in the year 8113 to show people of the future exactly what life was like.
  • 107
    All humans have the ability to see ultraviolet light, but it is passively filtered out by the eye's lens. People who undergo surgery to remove the lens can detect ultraviolet light.
  • 108
    Listening to music while working helps to create a positive mood, and helps you to become more productive.
  • 109
    On Titan, Saturn's largest moon, the atmosphere is so thick and the gravity so low that humans could fly through it by flapping "wings" attached to their arms.
  • 110
    Some nursing homes in Germany have fake bus stops to keep Alzheimer's patients from wandering away.
  • 111
    License plates in the Canadian Northwest Territories are shaped like polar bears.
  • 112
    Iceland has no army and is also recognized as the world’s most peaceful country.
  • 113
    Pope Francis was once a nightclub bouncer.
  • 114
    Ernest Vincent Wright wrote a 50,000 word book titled 'Gadsby' which did not use the letter "e".
  • 115
    Thumbelina, the smallest horse in the world, is about the size of a dog.
  • 116
    If you arrange the first letters of the names of the main characters in Inception, you would get DREAMS.
  • 117
    In 2012, as phone booths become increasingly obsolete because of mobile phones, a Japanese artist has turned several booths in Osaka into aquariums.
  • 118
    While filming a guest appearance on Star Trek TNG, Stephen Hawking was taken on a tour of the USS Enterprise set. When he saw the Warp Core, he paused, and said “I’m working on that.”
  • 119
    Redlove Era Apple is red all the way to its core.
  • 120
    Jaguars frequently get high by eating hallucinogenic roots, which also increases their senses for hunting.
  • 121
    The inventor of the Super Soaker squirt gun was a NASA Scientist who also helped develop the Stealth Bomber and the Galileo mission to Jupiter.
  • 122
    The Gate Tower Building skyscraper in Japan has a highway passing through its fifth, sixth and seventh floors.
  • 123
    Fingers prune underwater not because of them absorbing the water or washing away the oil, but because of an evolutionary trait caused by the brain to enhance the grip of your fingers underwater.
  • 124
    An Australian study found that homework is of little to no academic value to students in elementary and junior high schools.
  • 125
    Scientists have revived a flowering plant from a fruit stored away in permafrost by Arctic ground squirrel 32,000 years ago.
  • 126
    In 1916, a US amendment was proposed to put all acts of war to a national vote. If you voted yes you would have to register as a volunteer for service in the United States Army.
  • 127
    Alexander Selkirk, a Scottish sailor, was left stranded on a deserted island in 1704, but survived for over 4 years, partly by using feral cats to protect him from ravenous rats that attacked during the night.
  • 128
    Self-made millionaire Harris Rosen adopted a Florida neighborhood called Tangelo Park, cut the crime rate in half, and increased the high school graduation rate from 25% to 100% by giving everyone free daycare and all high school graduates scholarships.
  • 129
    Holding hands with someone you love can alleviate physical pain as well as stress and fear.
  • 130
    Putting your car alarm remote under your chin or beside your head increases its range.
  • 131
    There is a sport called Banzai Skydiving. You throw the parachute out of the airplane first and then jump after it.
  • 132
    Leonardo Da Vinci made a robotic lion in 1515 that would walk, sway, open its mouth and move its tail - it even had a compartment that opened to present flowers.
  • 133
    In 1987, a Chicago TV station had its broadcast interrupted by a pirate signal that shows a man in a Max Headroom mask mumbling and being spanked with a fly swatter. Despite investigations by the FCC and FBI, this became the only known incident in which a hacker interrupted a major TV broadcast without getting caught.
  • 134
    The world's tallest snowman was created in Bethel, Maine in 2008. It measured in at 122 feet / 1 inch and weighed 13,000,000 lbs.
  • 135
    "Monowi" is a town in Nebraska that has a population of 1, the Mayor pays taxes to herself.
  • 136
    Nachos were actually invented by a guy named Nacho. Happy Nacho Day!
  • 137
    It 'snows' metal on Venus.
  • 138
    In the Victorian era, they had special tea cups that protected your moustache from getting dunked in your tea.
  • 139
    Queen ants have one of the longest life-spans of any known insect - typically up to 30 years. Western harvester ant queens can live up to 40 years!
  • 140
    A koi fish, named "Hanako", was owned by several individuals over many years and lived to be 226 years old, dying in 1977.
  • 141
    In 1943, a Pan Am Airline chef snuck whiskey into passengers' coffee to warm them up on a winter flight. When asked what kind of coffee they were being served, he improvised "Irish Coffee," creating the now-famous cocktail.
  • 142
    In China, teachers allow children to sleep in class for around 20 minutes to help improve their learning.
  • 143
    Water, electricity, and gas has been free in Turkmenistan since 1991.
  • 144
    Paul McCartney dreamed the melody of "Yesterday" one night and immediately wrote the music the next morning. He then looked around for a month to make sure that he didn't subconsciously plagiarize it from somebody else.
  • 145
    Scientists have developed a 'hangover-free' beer that has electrolytes, making it more hydrating and refreshing.
  • 146
    There's a small town called Dinosaur, Colorado (USA). Some of its street names include Brontosaurus Blvd, Brontosaurus Bypass, Stegosaurus Freeway, and Tyrannosaurus Trail.
  • 147
    Lentil As Anything, a successful Australian restaurant, allows its customers to pay whatever price they feel like paying for the food.
  • 148
    Hockey player Jarome Iginla donates $2,000 to the children’s charity Kidsport for every goal he scores. Since 2000 it has added up to more than $700,000.
  • 149
    There's a woman named Veronica Seider who had vision 20x better than average. She could identify people more than a mile (1.6km) away.
  • 150
    As part of an advertising campaign, Molson, a Canadian beer company, strategically placed 'beer fridges' around Europe that only Canadian passports could unlock.
  • 151
    If an ant is drunk, a fellow comrade will carry him back to the nest to sleep off the alcohol.
  • 152
    Between 2007 and 2012, Bill Gates gave away $28 billion; saving 6 million lives.
  • 153
    A couple from Bristol who had trouble selling their house, found out they had an original Banksy on their wall, and received twice the asking price by selling the painting with a house attached.
  • 154
    The inventor of the Game Boy, was originally Nintendo’s janitor and maintenance man. His name was Gunpei Yokoi.
  • 155
    Pierre Jaquet-Droz, a watchmaker, 240 years ago invented a robot that could write, and the parts could be interchanged to say whatever you want.
  • 156
    The station master and operating officer at the Kishi Station, Japan, is a cat!
  • 157
    The full moon causes a tidal wave to roll up the Amazon river once in day and once in night for a period of only three weeks in a year. This results in continuous 4m high wave that can be surfed for up to 13km.
  • 158
    As of April 2010, Bill Gates had donated $36,854,000,000 in his lifetime! That's more than half of his total net worth!
  • 159
    Rather than use CGI, Tim Burton had 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts for Charlie & The Chocolate Factory.
  • 160
    Mackinac Island, Michigan, has banned cars since 1898!
  • 161
    Genghis Khan exempted the poor and clergy from taxes, encouraged literacy, and established free religion, leading many peoples to join his empire before they were even conquered.
  • 162
    Valentine Tapley promised to never shave again if Abraham Lincoln was elected president. He died in 1910 with a 12-foot-long beard.
  • 163
    If you chew gum when you study a subject and then chew the same flavor when you take the test, it will help you remember!
  • 164
    The biggest burger in Britain, dubbed the 'Apocalypse Burger', is a mammoth 25,000 calories, weighs 11kg (25lb) and contains £150 (around $233 USD) worth of ingredients.
  • 165
    The first guy to win Who Wants To Be A Millionaire (USA) used none of his lifelines until the final question, where he called his dad. During the call, he told his dad he didn't need any help on the final question, but he just wanted to let him know that he was about to win $1,000,000.
  • 166
    While pumpkins are typically orange, they can also be green, white, red, gray, and even blue.
  • 167
    At YouTube Headquarters, employees can either take the elevator, stairs or slide.
  • 168
    There's an island in the Bahamas called Big Major Cay (or Pig Beach), which is only inhabited by swimming pigs.
  • 169
    There is a fruit called The Miracle Berry that, when eaten, causes sour foods to taste sweet, and has been used to treat diabetes, among other things.
  • 170
    There's a swing on the edge of a cliff in Ecuador. It has no safety measures and is called the 'Swing at the End of the World'.
  • 171
    Sweden is so good at recycling, it has run out of garbage and now must import garbage from Norway to fuel its energy programs.
  • 172
    Honeypot ants are a unique insect that use their own bodies as living storage pots of honey.
  • 173
    Evanston Township High School in Illinois played Justin Bieber's 'Baby' as a fundraiser between classes. Students had to pay to stop it. $1,000 was collected in 3 days.
  • 174
    In the case of an emergency, a Crayola crayon can be used as a candle and will burn for about 15 minutes.
  • 175
    The Simpsons are responsible for popularizing the word 'meh'.
  • 176
    Raj from the Big Bang Theory is married to Miss India.
  • 177
    The Power Rangers command center is a real building located in a California University.
  • 178
    Your spit has a painkiller 6 times stronger than morphine. It contains a substance called opiorphin that is stronger than morphine.
  • 179
    There is a growing sport in Berlin and London called Chess Boxing. Players alternate between a round of chess and a round of boxing until one is declared winner either by checkmate, KO, or technical stoppage.
  • 180
    Macaques monkeys in Japan learned to steal purses and wallets, take out the coins, and use them to buy drinks and snacks from vending machines.
  • 181
    After Germany surrendered in WW2, people in Moscow partied until the entire city actually ran out of vodka.
  • 182
    In 1948, Costa Rica abolished its military and spends the money on education and culture instead.
  • 183
    During World War 1, starving wolves amassed in such great numbers that Germans and Russians had a temporary cease fire to fight off the wolf attacks.
  • 184
    Scientist Niels Bohr was “given a house next door to the Carlsberg brewing company, and had a pipeline running from the brewery into the house so that he could have a never-ending supply of fresh beer on tap”.
  • 185
    Elephants are terrified of Bees and actually have a special, distinct vocalization for “Run away the Bees are angry”
  • 186
    A type of strawberry that almost became extinct is now being sold in Europe. It tastes like pineapple so they call it pineberry.
  • 187
    Passengers on the Beijing subway can pay with plastic bottles.
  • 188
    Sergeant Stubby was the only war dog to be promoted to sergeant through combat in WWI. He saved his regiment from surprise mustard gas attacks, found and comforted the wounded, and even once caught a German spy by the seat of his pants, holding him there until American Soldiers found him.
  • 189
    In Brazil, prison inmates can reduce their sentence by 4 days (up to 48 days a year) for every book they read and write a report on.
  • 190
    London's King's Cross railway station has a platform 9 3/4 in dedication to Harry Potter.
  • 191
    Humans are capable of running 40 mph according to a study by bio-mechanical expert Dr. Matthew Bundle. Today's fastest man, Usain Bolt, has a top speed of 28 mph.
  • 192
    Scientists at the Zhejiang University in China have developed an ultra-light material known as carbon aerogel.
  • 193
    In Japan, watermelons are grown into the shape of a square so they are easier to stack and transport.
  • 194
    Jon Bon Jovi has a restaurant that has no prices; guests pay whatever they can or volunteer in exchange for their meal.
  • 195
    It's possible to train your cat to use the toilet as a litter box and even flush afterwards.
  • 196
    There's a Hello Kitty-themed hospital in Taiwan.
  • 197
    In Monopoly, the character locked behind the bars is called Jake the Jailbird. Officer Edgar Mallory sent him to jail.
  • 198
    The longest Monopoly game in history lasted 70 straight days.
  • 199
    The longest Monopoly game in a bathtub lasted 99 hours!
  • 200
    By weight, Bone is five times stronger than steel.
  • 201
    Gorillas can catch human colds and other illnesses.