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In 2008, a beach was stolen in Jamaica. The 500 truckloads of sand remain missing to this day.
Hu Xiaoyun, dumped for being poor by his ex-girlfriend seven years ago, spent $40,000 booking four entire IMAX cinemas for first-day showings of Transformers 4 - just to prove her wrong.
In the wake of Goat Simulator's popularity, 'Rock Simulator 2014' was developed and released. Gameplay simulates life as a rock.
In Korea, there's a man named Lee Jin-gyu who fell in love and married his life-sized Japanese body pillow (called a "dakimakura").
A man named Xiahn, formerly known as Max, was so obsessed with the Korean culture that he underwent 10 operations to look Asian.
In 2012, a man ordered a TV on Amazon, but got a semi-automatic assault rifle instead.
In 2008, a 13-year-old boy in Florida was arrested for excessive farting in school.
A Missouri family sued the previous owners of a house that they had just bought after Brown Recluse Spiders "started bleeding out of the walls." An expert came in and estimated that the house was infested with 4,000 – 5,000 of the spiders.
In 1956, for a bet, while drunk, Thomas Fitzpatrick stole a small plane from New Jersey and then landed it perfectly on a narrow Manhattan street in front of the bar he had been drinking at. Then, two years later, he did it again after a man didn’t believe he had done it the first time.
The ex Canadian Defense Minister believes that there are at least 4 species of aliens that have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and they are concerned about our use of atomic weapons, among other things.
In 2011, there were 3 known cases around the world of twins coming from different fathers.
A woman in Britain was sentenced to 20 months in jail for creating fake Facebook profiles and trolling herself.
The National Church of Bey formed a religion called Beyism. They believe Beyonce is a god who walks among us and will transcend back to the spirit-world once her work on Earth is complete.
In 2007, a woman named Erika La Tour Eiffel married the Eiffel Tower.
According to the Outlawz, after Tupac was cremated, his ashes were mixed with marijuana and smoked by the members of the rapper's former group.
Picasso’s full name: Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso.