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In Korea, there's a man named Lee Jin-gyu who fell in love and married his life-sized Japanese body pillow (called a "dakimakura").
Falling in love raises levels of nerve growth in a person's brain for about a year and can improve their memory.
In 2010, Gary Richmond was beaten into a coma. He woke up with amnesia and no memory of his wife of 20 years. Subsequently, he ended up falling in love with her all over again!
A couple had their wedding rings engraved with a waveform of their own voices saying "I do."
In 2012, a running partner took his runner girlfriend on a run that ended at the place where they first met. When he showed her his GPS tracker, the tracked route read "MARRY ME".
In 2007, the 5000-year-old skeletal remains of two lovers embracing each other were found at Mantua.
According to the New York Times, a study conducted during the 1980's found that men who kiss their wives before leaving for work live longer, get into fewer car accidents, and have a higher income than married men who don't.
For Valentine's Day 2014, an unnamed man sabotaged a special screening of "Beijing Love Story" at a Shanghai cinema by booking every other seat, subsequently preventing couples from sitting together.
Men fall in love faster than women do.
When dragonflies mate, their tails form a love heart.
There's a love mattress that is specifically designed for couples who sleep on each other's arms.
In 2012, a Chinese man named Xiao Fan had a dress made out of 9,999 red roses for his girlfriend and then proposed - 9 in China means forever
In 1986 federal prisoner Ronald J. McIntosh escaped during a prisoner transfer. A week later he returned in a stolen helicopter and broke out his girlfriend.
In 1999, a fisherman found a love letter in a bottle from a soldier in WWI. He returned said letter to the now deceased widows 86 year old daughter.
Rex the German Shepherd was a rescue dog with a bad temper. He refused to be fed by humans and would attack strangers, but he’s a changed dog after falling in love with Geraldine the goose!
Holding hands with someone you love can alleviate physical pain as well as stress and fear.