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A jellyfish's mouth also serves as an anus.
In Korea, there's a man named Lee Jin-gyu who fell in love and married his life-sized Japanese body pillow (called a "dakimakura").
In Japan, ‘yaeba’ or crooked teeth in girls is considered cute and attractive, and girls in fact undergo procedures to un-straighten their teeth.
The ex Canadian Defense Minister believes that there are at least 4 species of aliens that have been visiting earth for thousands of years, and they are concerned about our use of atomic weapons, among other things.
In the UK, there's a guy named 'Major Dickie Head'.
Giant Anteaters' front legs look like a panda. (See Picture)
Pentheraphobia is a fear of a mother-in-law.
Coca Cola owns all the domain names that can be read as 'ahh'. Such as,,, and so on... all the way up to 62 h's!
In April, 2014, a rare goat-sheep hybrid (aka 'geep') was born on an Irish farm.
In 2014, a college in upstate New York started offering classes on the sociology of Miley Cyrus.
In 1907, Kellogg’s launched a campaign called "Wink Day" to promote Cornflakes. Women were encouraged to “wink at your grocer and see what you get” (and what they got was a free box of cereal!)
In 2008, a Japanese man noticed his food going missing, so he set up a webcam and found that a woman had been living in his closet for a year
The University of Victoria offers a course in the science of Batman.
The widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle built a house with mazes and dead-end staircases to confuse the ghosts of the people who were killed by her husband's rifles.
There's an isolated tribe in Zimbabwe where the people have only two toes, dubbed the 'ostrich people'.
When flatworms mate, two "males" use their bifurcated penises to fence one another. The winner, or the flatworm who stabs the other with its penis, remains a male while the loser becomes female.