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TV and Film Facts

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    The filming of the movie 'Titanic' cost more than the Titanic itself!
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    Donald Duck comics were banned from Finland because he doesn't wear trousers.
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    The first couple to be shown in bed together on prime time TV were Fred and Wilma Flintstone.
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    Kermit the Frog is left-handed.
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    More than 3000 people auditioned for Afghan model in 2009. Only 10 were women.

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    John Hughes shot The Breakfast Club and Ferris Bueller’s Day Off back to back to save money. He also used the same crew and sets, including the high school with the same posters on the walls.
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    In the movie 'The Wizard Of Oz', Toto the dog's salary was $125 a week, while Judy Garland’s was $500 a week.
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    After Disney threatened to sue three day care centers for unauthorized use of their characters, Hanna-Barbera gave them the right to use Universal characters as decorations.
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    In 2000, Pope John Paul II gave his blessing to the Pokémon franchise, saying the games did not have "any harmful moral side effects" and were based on "ties of intense friendship."
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    Warner Brother's hated the name 'Beetlejuice', and urged Tim Burton to change it to something clever. Burton jokingly suggested calling the movie 'Scared Sheetless', and was horrified when the studio actually liked it.
  • 6
    HBO passed up "The Walking Dead" because they thought it was too violent. They also passed up "Breaking Bad" and "Mad Men".
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    When Liam Neeson was asked about the potential for another Taken sequel, he responded "I don't think there'll be a 'Taken 3'. She can't get taken again. That's just bad parenting."
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    During development at Pixar, Toy Story 2 was accidentally deleted, but was recovered by an employee who saved the movie to her computer at home while on maternal leave.
  • 9
    Heath Ledger asked Christian Bale to actually beat him for the interrogation scene in the Dark Knight.
  • 10
    James Bond has killed 150 men and has slept with 44 women since the first movie came out in 1962.
  • 11
    Pokémon is Japanese for Pocket Monsters and Chinpokomon (the South Park parody) is Japanese for Penis Monsters.
  • 12
    In real life, Pocahontas was 11 years old when she met John Smith - he was 28.
  • 13
    The police were called 91 times during the filming of the movie "Borat".
  • 14
    In 2012, 146 babies in the US were named Khaleesi.
  • 15
    Because of South Park’s Scientology episode, the Church of Scientology hired people to spy on Matt and Trey to find something on them to use for blackmail. The Church became frustrated when their investigation turned up nothing but the fact that they’re pretty normal people.
  • 16
    Before The Simpsons, Matt Groening drew cartoons for Apple computers.
  • 17
    On April Fool’s Day, 1976, the BBC convinced many listeners that a special alignment of the planets would temporarily decrease gravity on Earth. Phone lines were flooded with callers who claimed they felt the effects.
  • 18
    For each word he said in Terminator 2, Arnold Schwarzenegger was paid $21,429.
  • 19
    In Jurassic Park, the T-Rex wasn't supposed to come through and break the glass roof of the explorer during the attack scene, subsequently producing the noticeably genuine screams from the children.
  • 20
    The actor who portrays Mike from “Breaking Bad” began his acting career in an education film on menstruation and puberty in the mid-70’s.
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    Michael Jackson tried to buy Marvel Comics in the early 1990s so that he could play Spider-Man in his own movie.
  • 22
    In 1980, the coyote finally caught the road runner. He then asks the audience "Now what do I do?"
  • 23
    Peter Cullen, the voice actor who voices Optimus Prime, also voices Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh.
  • 24
    In Jurassic Park, the dinosaurs are only on the screen for 15 minutes. The movie is over two hours long.
  • 25
    In Ice Age, the drawings of characters during the end credit roll - and Sid's drawing of himself on a wall - were all done by the children of the animators.
  • 26
    Before making Finding Nemo, the animation gurus at Pixar Studios had to take a graduate class in fish biology and oceanography.
  • 27
    A 1997 comedy movie by the name of “Trojan War” made only $309 in ticket sales. Its budget? 15 million.
  • 28
    In 1997, Kevin Smith was hired by Warner Brothers to write the script for a Superman movie. He was forced to write Superman without the power of flight and he had to fight a giant spider. The movie would’ve starred Nicolas Cage.
  • 29
    Shirley Henderson, the girl who played Moaning Myrtle (the ghost in the bathroom) was actually 37 years old when she played the character in the Harry Potter series.
  • 30
    People actually live in the Mos Eisley set from Star Wars.
  • 31
    There was a cable network called The Puppy Channel that, for 3 years, broadcast only broadcast footage of puppies playing.
  • 32
    The Simpsons are yellow because creator Matt Groening thought it was a good way to catch channel surfer’s attention when they saw a flash of yellow.
  • 33
    John Swartzwelder, a writer for the Simpsons, used to write episodes while sitting in a booth at a coffee shop "drinking copious amounts of coffee and smoking endless cigarettes". When California passed an anti-smoking law, he bought the diner booth and installed it in his house.
  • 34
    Heath Ledger locked himself in a hotel room for a month to prepare for his iconic role as the Joker in The Dark Knight
  • 35
    If the runway in the final action scene of Fast & Furious 6 was real, it would be at least 26 miles (42km) long.
  • 36
    Wilson the volleyball, from the movie 'Cast Away', won an award for 'Best Inanimate Object'.
  • 37
    It costs around 2.75 million dollars to make an episode of The Walking Dead, and it pulls in 11 million in commercial revenues for a profit of 8 million an episode
  • 38
    The girl who voiced Lilo from "Lilo & Stitch" (Daveigh Chase) was also Samara from The Ring.
  • 39
    Jason Earles played as a teenager in Hannah Montana, but he was actually born in 1977.
  • 40
    Ming-Na Wen, who portrays The Cavalry on Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., was also the voice of Mulan. And she’s 50 years old.

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