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    The chances of you dying on the way to get your lottery tickets is greater than your chances of winning.
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    You are about 1 centimeter taller in the morning than in the evening!
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    If you yelled for 8 years, 7 months and 6 days, you would have produced enough sound energy to heat one cup of coffee.
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    The can opener was invented 48 years after the can.
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    A donkey will sink in quicksand but a mule won't.

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    In 2007, an unmanned yacht was discovered drifting off the coast of Australia. The engine was running, a laptop was running, the radio and GPS were working and a meal was set to eat, but the three-man crew were not on board.
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    Viagra dissolved in water can make cut flowers stand up straight for up to a week beyond their natural lifespan.
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    Kim Jong Un was voted Most Sexiest Man Alive by The Onion and ended up as real news in China.
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    In 2008, a Japanese man noticed his food going missing, so he set up a webcam and found that a woman had been living in his closet for a year
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    The University of Victoria offers a course in the science of Batman.
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    The widow of the inventor of the Winchester rifle built a house with mazes and dead-end staircases to confuse the ghosts of the people who were killed by her husband's rifles.
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    John Lennon once called an ‘emergency board meeting’ of the Beatles in order to inform his bandmates that he’d realized, while tripping on acid, that he was the second coming of Jesus.
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    There is a man who claims to have travelled to an alternate dimension in which The Beatles never broke up and brought back a mix tape of Beatles songs no one in this dimension has ever heard.
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    In 1942, there was a man in Mississippi called the Phantom Barber who would break into people's houses at night and cut their hair.
  • 10
    There's a company in Switzerland called Algordanza that will turn your ashes into a diamond for your family.
  • 11
    The 'Bicycle Tree', found near Brig o' Turk in Scotland, has consumed an entire bike that now hangs out of its bark.
  • 12
    In Mechanicsburg, Ohio, an avid 82-year-old biker has been buried atop his prized Harley-Davidson in a see-through coffin.
  • 13
    Mike the Headless Chicken was no different from any other chicken, except that he lived for 18 months after his head had been cut off.
  • 14
    A surprise inspection of a men’s prison in Acapulco unearthed 100 plasma TVs, 2 sacks of marijuana, 2 peacocks, 100 cockerels… and 25 women.
  • 15
    Australian Graham Barker has been collecting his own belly button fluff every day since 1984 - keeping it in storage jars.
  • 16
    Gold pills are sold for $425 each and, when consumed, they will turn your poop into glittering gold.
  • 17
    In 2007, a Bosnian couple found out that they had been cheating on one another in online chatrooms... with each other.
  • 18
    As many as 62% of Iceland's population think it is possible that elves may exist.
  • 19
    There is actually a superhero called “normalman.” He was the only person without superpowers on a planet full of superheroes.
  • 20
    The smallest park in the world is a two-foot circle in Portland, Oregon.
  • 21
    There is a family with a genetic condition that makes their skin blue, who have been isolated in rural Kentucky for generations.
  • 22
    A man named Heraclitus had an illness that made his body swell up with water. To try to sweat it off, he buried himself in a steaming pile of animal poo, but then overheated and died of dehydration.
  • 23
    In November 2013, a woman in Florida named Linda Ducharme married a ferris wheel.
  • 24
    Table knives were originally made to be rounded instead of pointed to prevent people from picking their teeth and from stabbing each other.
  • 25
    There’s a mushroom that grows in the wild and tastes like fried chicken. Its name is Laetiporus.
  • 26
    Mary Jane was killed by Spiderman's radioactive semen in the limited comic book series "Spider-Man: Reign".
  • 27
    In the US, people can be rejected from joining the police force if they are too intelligent.
  • 28
    Sniffologists have the job of sniffing armpits.
  • 29
    In Japan, more adult diapers are sold than baby diapers.
  • 30
    A British teenager changed his name in 2008 to Captain Fantastic Faster Than Superman Spiderman Batman Wolverine Hulk And The Flash Combined.
  • 31
    "Monowi" is a town in Nebraska that has a population of 1, the Mayor pays taxes to herself.
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    There is an island near Italy that was the site of wars, a dumping ground for plague victims, and an insane asylum. It's considered so dangerously haunted that the Italian government does not allow public access.
  • 33
    A Korean man called Lee Jin-gyu fell in love with his large, huggable pillow and married it.
  • 34
    The desire to squeeze and hug cute things comes from the same place in your brain as aggression.
  • 35
    The founder of Kellogg's Cereals (John Harvey Kellogg) was a doctor focusing on health and mental wellness. He began manufacturing corn cereals because he thought eating cereal for breakfast would curb people's desire to masturbate.
  • 36
    Chainsaws were derived from a tool originally intended to help deliver babies
  • 37
    There's a knife-fork hybrid called a knork.
  • 38
    There's an island in the Bahamas called Big Major Cay (or Pig Beach), which is only inhabited by swimming pigs.
  • 39
    Donkey Kong was Mario's pet that he'd abused. Donkey Kong kidnapped Mario's girlfriend as revenge for the mistreatment.
  • 40
    Wrap rage is an actual condition when you feel extreme levels of anger and frustration because you are unable to open product packaging.

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