Random Facts

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  • 1
    The world's oldest crow was 59 years old. Its name was Tataji.
  • 2
    In 1846, a 14 year old French peasant girl named Angelique Cottin was found to possess extraordinary electrical power. With a gentle touch she could knock over heavy pieces of furniture and even shock people near her.
  • 3
    If every muscle in your body could pull in one direction, you could lift nearly 25 tons.
  • 4
    Daft Punk named their band after a negative reviewer called their act "a bunch of daft punk."
  • 5
    The sun is 330,330 times larger than the earth.
  • 6
    Leonardo da Vinci invented scissors.
  • 7
    If Earth’s history were condensed into 24 hrs, life would’ve appeared at around 4am, land plants at 10:24pm, dinosaur extinction at 11:41pm, and human history would’ve began at 11:58:43pm.
  • 8
    The technology contained in a single game boy unit in 2000 exceeds all the computing power that was used to put the first man on moon in 1969.
  • 9
    The oldest living person smoked cigarettes from the age of 21 to 117.
  • 10
    There are 13 Santas in Iceland, each leaving a gift for children. They come down from the mountain one by one, starting on December 12 and have names like Spoon Licker, Door Sniffer and Meat Hook.
  • 11
    Hypnotism is banned by public schools in San Diego.
  • 12
    A year after his wife's disappearance, a Dutch crime writer named Richard Klinkhamer wrote a suspicious book about seven ways to kill your spouse. He became famous and spent the next decade hinting in print and on TV that he had murdered her. Finally, it turned out that he really had.
  • 13
    There is a town called Okay, OK. It has a population of 600 people.
  • 14
    The average cough comes out of your mouth at 60 miles per hour.
  • 15
    Macaques monkeys in Japan learned to steal purses and wallets, take out the coins, and use them to buy drinks and snacks from vending machines.
  • 16
    When a giraffe's baby is born it falls from a height of six feet, normally without being hurt.
  • 17
    The U.S. army packs Tabasco pepper sauce in every ration kit that they give to soldiers.
  • 18
    It would take twenty new mid-size cars to generate the same amount of pollution that a mid-size 1960's car did.
  • 19
    More than a billion transistors are manufactured every second.
  • 20
    It's illegal to own a red car in Shanghai, China.