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When a drone bee mates with a queen, its ejaculation is so powerful that it can even be heard by the human ear.
Chocolate, sex, and laughter are all important for a healthy brain.
The scent of women’s tears temporarily reduces sexual arousal and testosterone production in men.
There is a surgical implant being developed that will give you an orgasm at the touch of a button.
When flatworms mate, two "males" use their bifurcated penises to fence one another. The winner, or the flatworm who stabs the other with its penis, remains a male while the loser becomes female.
There’s a company that provides private flights for individuals who want to join the “mile high club”. For $425.00 you get a 1 hour flight, chocolates, champagne, and a curtain.
Women who play video games tend to have more sex and be happier with their relationships than those who don’t.
A banana slug can be 6-8 inches and their erect penis can be just as long. Also, their penises emerge from their heads. After sex, banana slugs eat each others penises.
The dildo was invented at least 22,000 years before the wheel.
The average sperm cell swims at 8 inches per hour.
Romans used a plant called Silphium as contraception. They had so much sex that they drove it into extinction.
When a male honey bee climaxes during sex, his testicles explode and then he dies.
There is a museum in Spain that shows 2 T.Rex skeletons having sex.
Music is as addictive to the brain as sex and drugs.
Oral sex was illegal in 18 states under old sodomy law until 2003 when they were invalidated.
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There is a town in Pennsylvania named Intercourse.